Reinventing America’s Schools

Mary Ann Sullivan

President, IPS Board of School Commissioners & Former Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives Indianapolis

It's just always been very real for me, that the advantages I had in life came mostly through education or my family...and then seeing too many kids in the same system who weren't given the same kind of experience that the kids in my kids' school had, and thinking that shouldn't be left to chance. That shouldn't be left to whether parents know something's happening, and sign up on time, or any of that. Every child should have that advantage. Every family should have that knowledge, and that power, to do the best for their kid. Unfortunately, I think that we're seeing the results of not caring about education all around us. And I think that our country's in crisis. And I think a big part of the reason we're in crisis is because we haven't had a strong system of public education. We have lived on our laurels for too long, in a lot of ways, but definitely in terms of our public schools. And there's just no reason we shouldn't have the best schools in the world. I think when we do that, we will solve a lot of other problems at the same time.

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