Reinventing America’s Schools

Abril Sierra

5th grader in Cornell University classroom, University Prep–Steele Street Denver

Learning and growing my brain is so important to me because I want to accomplish good things in life, when I grow up. I want to go to a good college. I want to have a good career in life. Because that's something just very important to me. Especially for my family, because they say that they want me to have a good job, a good life, do something important, and I understand that a lot. And I know I want to do something good in life. I might want to become a doctor, or a veterinarian, or a scientist, or something important like that.

Sometimes I feel like I'm too tired to go to school, but something that always reminds me that I need to keep going is definitely my family. Because me, I help around a lot in the house, and my mom wants me to really study — to have a good career in life. And I just really think about what my mom would want for me, and that definitely changes my perspective on things.

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